• Question: do you have to be strong and fit to be an astronaut?

    Asked by 736nch25 to Simon, Julia, Delma, Andrew, Alex on 8 Dec 2015. This question was also asked by 923nch23, Puplishguy160, Charlotte :), will.
    • Photo: Julia Attias

      Julia Attias answered on 8 Dec 2015:

      Hi @736nch25,

      Yeahhhhhh! You do have to be fit and healthy to be an astronaut. But you don’t have to be an athlete :p You just need to have a good level of fitness and an excellent health profile to make sure that you can do all of the different tasks that are required of you – some of them are pretty taxing physically! So make sure you exercise lots throughout your life to keep fit and then maybe you can be an astronaut too 😀

    • Photo: Andrew Winnard

      Andrew Winnard answered on 8 Dec 2015:

      Julia is right 🙂 you need to be fit but not a super athlete!

      The astronauts have got trainers and physios that make sure they are ready to goto space and then they do 2hours of exercise every day to try and stay fit and strong 🙂

    • Photo: Delma Childers

      Delma Childers answered on 10 Dec 2015:

      I agree with Julia and Andrew. Funny enough, sometimes astronauts hold their own Olympics in space to coincide with the games down here.