• Question: How hard was it to get your job and what kind of things did you have to go through to get it?

    Asked by IsabellaH to Andrew, Simon, Julia on 7 Dec 2015. This question was also asked by itz harry, 672nch25, 258nch25, 747nch25, crazzzzzzzzyyyy, ._summer._.
    • Photo: Julia Attias

      Julia Attias answered on 7 Dec 2015:

      @373nch28, @jacktye, @672nch28, @258nch28 and @747nch28,

      It was difficult to get my job, but not unrealistically so. This is why I try to encourage you guys to pursue what you love, because anything is possible. It is very easy to get put off because it seems like it is impossible, but it isn’t.

      I didn’t study anything to do with “space” as a kid or a teenager. I loved P.E, maths, and Science in general. I did a sports science degree at University – nothing to do with space! But…. I was CURIOUS!! I loved learning about how the body reacted in extreme environments like on a mountain or whilst scuba diving. Then I found a Masters degree in Space Physiology and Health, and I thought “wow – that would be a great “extreme environment” to study and learn about”! So I did it, realising that there was so much information that I’d learnt even through PE that I could apply to this field. And then I started researching with the Skinsuit through the summer of my Masters, and my research career snowballed from there, but only because I pestered my supervisor to continue working (voluntarily!) on the skinsuit. 2 years later I got my funding to do my PhD so that I could research full time and get paid – that way I could give up my other job I had and dedicate all my time to my research.


    • Photo: Andrew Winnard

      Andrew Winnard answered on 7 Dec 2015:

      It takes determination and self belief! But I managed to do even though I didn’t get that good a-levels…. Once I got a degree from university it let me apply for more things. I become a physio, learned about astronaut rehab, worked at the astronaut centre, got an MSc and now work on my PhD.

      The main thing to realise is anyone can do these things, including you if you want too, just follow what you enjoy and find interesting, work hard, and it can happen!