• Question: how long have you been working for.

    Asked by St4mpi10n6n0s3 to Simon, Julia, Delma, Andrew, Alex on 8 Dec 2015. This question was also asked by 236nch25, crazzzzzzzzyyyy, 895nch25.
    • Photo: Delma Childers

      Delma Childers answered on 8 Dec 2015:

      I’ve been in my current job for about nine months. Before this, I was on another research project for just over 2 years and before that, I was working on my PhD. The work week here is officially about 40 hours per week, but in science we tend to take a lot of work home with us (reading and writing, mostly).

    • Photo: Alexander Finch

      Alexander Finch answered on 8 Dec 2015:

      In total, I’ve been working for six years. One here in Antarctica, one at the – ESA – the space agency, two at a company that makes satellite parts and two in banking!

    • Photo: Julia Attias

      Julia Attias answered on 8 Dec 2015:

      @ St4mpi10n6n0s3,

      I have been working as a researcher (scientist) for 3 years now, but only 1 year as full time – before that I was juggling another job and just doing the research as a second job. I h ave been working in total though since I finished my degree is 2007, with many fitness and exercise jobs included in that time.

    • Photo: Andrew Winnard

      Andrew Winnard answered on 8 Dec 2015:

      When I finished school to now:
      – 3 years doing a degree in biomedical science
      – 2 years working in a hospital
      – 3 years doing a physiotherapy degree
      – 2 years doing a physiotherapy masters degree
      – 5 months working at the European Astronaut Centre
      – 2.5 years working on my PhD.
      – 2 days working on I’m an astronaut get me out of here 😉

      Does that sound like a long time? 😛