• Question: DO YOU BELIEVE IN ALIENS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Asked by Evie.G :) to Simon, Julia, Delma, Andrew, Alex on 10 Dec 2015. This question was also asked by olivia and iwan.
    • Photo: Delma Childers

      Delma Childers answered on 10 Dec 2015:

      I believe that there is a really good chance that there is life somewhere else out in the universe. So basically, yes. 😀

    • Photo: Andrew Winnard

      Andrew Winnard answered on 10 Dec 2015:

      yes I do – if life happened here and we are finding lots of planets that are similar to ours, then the chance of one having life is pretty high 🙂

      So the question is, why haven’t we found or seen any? Here is a video all about this question:

    • Photo: Julia Attias

      Julia Attias answered on 10 Dec 2015:

      Hi Evie.G!

      I also believe in Aliens, for the exact same reason as the guys below. If we have life here, then chances are if there are other planets that show signs of “life” then I can absolutely see how there may be other life forms on other planets. Who knows what they’ll look like though :p Perhaps they also have other components to sustain life that we don’t have on Earth!

      Imagine what we might look like or be able to have… What would you like to have if you could choose? I would have 2 hearts!